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                  March 2016

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Electromechanical linear rollerscrew actuators, rotary actuators, continuous force to 9700 N, speeds to 1000 m/sec, accuracy to .025mm/300mm, backlash 0.1mm


Engineering, design and sourcing company, providing complete mechanical & electrical engineering  from US headquarters with full international manufacturing, logistics & supply chain services.


Servo motors, brushless, brush & pancake, gearmotors, digital & analog servo amplifiers, application specific position controllers, systems support


Optical, inductive & ultrasonic switching sensors, distance and position measuring sensors, data transmission/control, RF & Barcode ID products, industrial image processing, safety locking devices, switches and sensors


Planetary rotary gearheads, servo & stepper motor mounts, in line & right angle configurations, ratios from 3:1 to 512:1, backlash to 2 arc min, input speed to 18,000 rpm, output to 1800Nm.


Signal towers, warning lights, voice synthesizers, melody, chime and alarm sounds


Incremental and absolute encoders, discrete, hollow shaft, fiber optic and explosion proof designs.. Interfaces with parallel, SSI, Profibus, Profinet IO, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP


Encoders, sensors, rotary and  linear, Hiperface motor feedback systems, discrete, kit, and hollows shaft designs.


Smartsyn — resolvers, synchros, variable reluctance, discrete or frameless.  FA-CODER rotary encoders, heavy duty, and incremental or absolute, with serial communication, incremental or parallel output.


DSP motion control, Ethercat, CANopen, control modules, embedded motion programmer, open frame, closed frame or plug-in servo drives, intelligent motors, development tools, engineering services


Brushless servo motors,  DC brush servo motors, NEMA and IEC or frameless specifications, optical encoders, linear actuators